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GENRE: Romantic Suspense



 On the rooftops of London, you can be anyone.

A year ago, Lanie Briers escaped a serial killer. She grew up in a theatre family and her act was mediumship, but not anymore. Life, now, is a hidden retreat above a quirky Bloomsbury museum, where she waits and watches.

Nick Tawes is an unexpected intrusion. He’s a landscape architect filming a television series on roof gardens, and he intends to build one in Lanie’s aerial territory. He has his own demons, old family troubles, that lure Lanie out of her refuge and into living again.

But as summer progresses and the sky garden grows, Lanie’s enemy is closing in–because some secrets must go to the grave.



Head down, he forced his feet up the endless, dizzying stairs.

Abruptly, the wall of the house ended. He swayed, blinking at the transition from shadowed darkness to light. He’d reached the roof. His jetlagged brain bounced between explanations of neon light or moonlight as the source of illumination. Tokyo roofs were seldom dark; London skies seldom cloudless in his memory.

Concentrating on his feet, he negotiated the awkward step up and over a concrete wall edge, and down onto the roof. He looked up.

A woman looked back at him.

Soundless, he watched her mouth open and the plate she held drop. Water and soapsuds fountained up.

The light came from a kitchen window.

His brain kicked into gear. “It’s all right. I’m from the solicitor’s. I have a key.” Ridiculous words, but the fear in her expression demanded reassurance.

She held a phone up, soap suds running down her bare forearm to the pushed-up sleeve of an apple-green pullover. The phone was brandished as a weapon.

“A key,” he mouthed exaggeratedly. “I have a key.”

A stand-off. He didn’t dare move. He must have frightened her when she’d felt safe and alone on this rooftop. He couldn’t understand how she and her kitchen were here at all.


Q&A With Jenny:

Where do you get your book ideas?

I think ideas come from things I’m currently interested in — like roof gardens and the tricks of stage psychics in Sky Garden. But they also come from current events. I spend (too much) time online and sometimes a theme emerges from articles and blog posts and general news. For Sky Garden, I started to think about the different ways we try to find a place to belong, and how sometimes we reject belonging anywhere.

Other time I specifically play the what-if game. “What if X happened? and then, Y was added? Oooh, exciting!” and off I go, a new idea wildly spinning.

Do you write outline to start or just start writing?

I tend to have a sentence or two per chapter skeleton, and then, just go for it! I have to have an idea of what the book is building towards though.

How long does it normally take to write the book before edits?

It changes. With a short story equivalent to two big novel chapters (or a fifth of a Harlequin category romance), two weeks will see a solid story. It’s relatively quick not just because of the shorter word count, but because I can hold the whole plot in my head (which is harder, but just as odd, as it sounds!). With a novel it can be around six months, as Sky Garden was, because the plot tripped me a couple of times. Thank heaven for a great critique partner! Take a bow, Eliza Redgold.

Are you an indie author or mainstream author?

I’m a hybrid. I have a number of novellas (steampunk, paranormal romance and contemporary romance) out with Carina Press and Escape Publishing, both of which are Harlequin digital imprints. But then, I have a number of books that I’ve self-published, as with Sky Garden. I’ve learned so much from my experience with Harlequin, but on the other hand, self-publishing is very satisfying for my inner control freak. I get to make the final decisions, even when they’re wrong 😉

How did you get started, can you give people wanting to write an idea how to get started?

I started with short stories, and some poetry. It all depends on what you want to achieve and the other commitments competing for your time and energy. When I first dared to submit short stories to editors, what thrilled me was their kindness and generosity even when they rejected the stories (which they usually did). Never underestimate the power of small ezines to improve your writing. Those editors are working for love and passion, and they can and do teach authors heaps. Submitting stories to smaller markets, you make great friends along the way, and believe me, in publishing, it really is a small world!

However, that’s not the path for everyone. Look around, see the common ways people fail (poor writing, clichéd plots, rudeness on social media) and avoid those things. But success comes in many different forms. The more you write, the clearer your own particular goals and path to them will become. Good luck! and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Bio:  Jenny Schwartz is a hopeful romantic with a degree in Sociology and History — people watching and digging into the past. She lives in Western Australia and is working towards her dream of living by the sea. Jenny writes romantic suspense, as well as contemporary and paranormal romance.




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