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Need You Now by Dei Araujo

Welcome to my stop for NEED YOU NOW by Dei Araujo.  Dei will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.  You can follow the tour here:  http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2017/09/blurb-blitz-need-you-now-by-dei-araujo.html

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GENRE: Romantic Suspense



Nothing compared to the horror Amaranth Wallace felt upon discovering her babysitter beaten and her autistic son missing. To get him back, she must put all her faith in her ex-lover, the very man she vowed to avoid forever.

One steamy and mind-blowing night with Amaranth and Nicholas was hooked. But when she chose his half-brother over him, Nicholas turned his back on her and love. Now fate has brought them back together, and Nicholas must revisit old wounds that run deep with the woman who broke his heart.

Can Amaranth and Nicholas put their torrid history aside to find her son and get a chance at love?


Nicholas paused mid-turn at the mention of her name. Amaranth was in his office. Completing the rotation, he took in her appearance. The worn photo he had held onto for so long didn’t do her any justice. She was still a breath of fresh air, but time had matured her girlish features into the breathtaking vision that stared back at him. Her face was stern and proclaimed she wasn’t at his office for a reunion. A sense of foreboding arrested him. Her eyes sparkled with fire as she made her way over to where he stood in front of the window. She wore a simple beige tank with a red bolero jacket and a pair of dark jeans that gripped every part of her curvaceous lower half. Crimson suede stilettos left wicked images dancing in his head. Nicholas cleared his throat and met her the rest of the way.

“Hello, Am.” Out of nowhere, her hand connected with the side of his face with a stinging crack. “Well, that wasn’t the kind of welcome I envisioned receiving from you,” he said as he ran a finger along the corner of his mouth. Because she was shorter than him by a good foot, the palm of her hand connected with part of his mouth and cheek. And boy did she pack some power behind it.

“My apologies for my lack of fanfare. I left the balloons and ticker tape at home,” she said.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Dei Araujo knew she wanted to be a writer at the age of 11 after writing a short story that drew a raucous response from her dad. Her love for romance came through her mother who encouraged Dei’s voracious appetite for reading. She went on to win writing awards in high school to include a first-place award for poetry in honor of her father who served during the first Gulf War.

After graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Journalism/News Editorial, Dei was commissioned in the Air Force as a public affairs officer where she utilized her skill as a writer to tell the Air Force story. Her military career took her all over the world and exposed her different cultures and people.

While serving as an Air Force reservist, Dei completed her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University and rediscovered her voice as a romance writer. She’s living out her real-life love story in beautiful Miami, Florida, with her soulmate, and their four rambunctious boys.

Need You Now, a romantic suspense, is her first novel and the first in the Love’s Paradise series.

Dei is a member of Romance Writers of America.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DeiPAraujo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dei_araujo

Website link: http://www.deiaraujo.wordpress.com

Goodreads author page: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16944251.Dei_Araujo

Buy Links:

Amazon: Need You Now (Love’s Paradise Series)

The Wild Rose Press: https://catalog.thewildrosepress.com/all-titles/5082-need-you-now.html

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/need-you-now-26

 NOTE: This book will be on sale for $0.99 during the tour (sale ends November 10).

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Grinders Corner by Ferris H. Craig & Charlene Keel

Welcome to my stop for GRINDER’S CORNER by Ferris H. Craig & Charlene Keel.  Ferris H. Craig & Charlene Keel will be awarding two winners, a free copy of Grinders Corner (print or ebook). (U.S. only for print, International for ebook) to two randomly drawn winners via rafflecopter during the tour.  For more chances to win follow the tour here:  http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2017/08/blurb-blitz-grinders-corner-by-ferris-h.html

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GENRE:   Romantic Comedy



Grinders Corner explores the world of taxi dance halls in the 1960s in all its raw hilarity.  Saucy, sassy and sexy, but not the least bit erotic, it follows the adventures of three young women trying to survive in the glitter palaces of Los Angeles.

Like lambs led to the slaughter, Uptown, a newly divorced English major with panic anxiety disorder and no job skills, Voluptua, an out of work actress, and Mouse, a former child star trying to make a comeback all struggle to make enough tickets to pay the bills. Things get complicated when Uptown falls in love with a customer who happens to be a priest.

In Grinders Corner it was a simpler time, long before gentlemen’s clubs and pole dancers, and it happened in a place where shy, lonely men could talk to women, even dance with them, with no fear of rejection—for about fifteen cents a minute.


Downtown Los Angeles

Romanceland, 1969

The jukebox was playing Close To You.  The lights were low and romantic, the red candles on the intimate little tables for two flickered seductively, and the many-faceted, mirrored chandelier reflected tiny droplets of shivering, shimmering light onto the dance floor.  His strong arms were about me, and he was lightly kissing my ear.  Then he spoke in a throaty whisper.

“Hey, baby, you wanna make a quick twentyfive bucks?  Let’s go to a motel.”

Oh God, I thought, as I looked at the clock.  One more hour to go.  I’m going to have to put up with this clown for sixty more minutes unless he runs out of money.  Maybe I can get him to sit down and have a Coke.  Then I won’t have to endure this tortuous ritual known as dancing.  If we get a Coke, I’ll have to make conversation with him and that might be worse than dancing.

The only good thing about dancing is that I don’t have to talk to him.  I only have to hear about the motel.

He was staring at me as if waiting for a reply, so I asked, “What did you say?”

Okay, that isn’t particularly original but it used up a couple of seconds.  Then he had to repeat it all.  That took a few more minutes.

I started to think maybe I could make it to the two o’clock finishing line, but I was wrong.  He wasn’t slobbering on my ear anymore.  Now it was my bare shoulder.

“Hey, I’m kind of thirsty,” I said.  “Why don’t we sit down and have a Coke?”

“Baby, I don’t want a Coke.”

“Oh, hell,” I said as I deftly stepped out of his reach.  “Let’s go to the desk so you can check out.”

He retorted with, “How about fifty bucks?  I’ll buy you a steak besides.”

I smiled, thinking how delicious that can of beans at home was going to taste.  “I’m sorry.  I’m not in that line of business.”

“Whaddya wanna do—get married?” he yelled.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Ferris Craig is a professional dancer, choreographer, actor and writer. Her credits include The Dean Martin Show, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Honeymooners, The Golden Girls and many TV commercials. In the 1970s she performed with The Hollywood Hoofers in Las Vegas, later establishing The Burbank Academy of Performing Arts where she taught dance and acting. More recently, she choreographed and performed for The Broadway Seniorettes, and with Recycled Teenagers (dancers over 50). Currently she lives in Southern California with her three delightful dogs. Connect with Ferris on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecricketdance

Charlene Keel has written over a dozen novels and how-to books. Shadow Train, the final installment of her YA supernatural trilogy, won a Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award, and The Congressman’s Wife (for Red Sky Presents) is getting rave reviews. Her new blended-genre novel, Lost Treasures of the Heart, was released in November, 2016.

Keel has also worked as editor for international magazines, including Playgirl, For the Brideand Black Elegance.  She says the most fun she’s had as an editor (so far) was at Spice, a fanzine featuring rap, R&B, soul and gospel music. During her time there, she enjoyed going to parties for such notables as Puff Daddy, having lunch with Gloria Gaynor and attending a pasta dinner where Mariah Carey did the cooking.

Keel’s editorial assignments include The Health of Nations, a book on political philosophy, and That Nation Might Live, a moving tribute to Sarah Bush Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s stepmother. Her TV credits include Fantasy Island and Days of Our Lives, and her book, Rituals, was the basis for the first made-for-syndication soap opera. She also produced (for Romantic Times) the first annual Mr. Romance Cover Model Pageant.

Buy link:

AMAZON:  Grinders Corner: Saucy, Sassy and Sexy…and Occasionally Romantic!

The book is on sale for only $0.99.



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99 Cent Sale: UNBLOCKED Collection By Marni Mann

unblocked collectionI want to share the news of the Unblocked Collection being ON SALE for only 99 cents! This is a HUGE sale for the series as ALL FIVE books within the bundle, that’s almost 550 pages, It is marked at a bargain price of 99 cents! 
Bestselling author, Marni Mann, brings readers, The Unblocked Collection. These steamy novellas take you on an erotic journey with Derek and Frankie as they navigate secrets, professional boundaries, and a connection they cannot seem to avoid.
Unblocked Collection Graphic 2
Amazon US Sale Link:   The Unblocked Collection
Unblocked Collection Graphic 1
\Unblocked Sale Graphic
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THE INDIGO LOUNGE BOXED SET by Zara Cox! 99 Cents Sale!

ILBoxedSet Tour Badge

Week Long 99 cent Sale on the INDIGO LOUNGE BOXED SET (1-4) By Zara Cox

 Welcome to The Indigo lounge, the Scandalously Sexy Sky-High Playground Where Anything Can Happen…

Get High, Higher, Spiral and Soar, books 1-4 of the INDIGO LOUNGE SERIES by Zara Cox NOW for only 99 cents! This limited time boxed set was released September 21st. It includes books 1-4 of the INDIGO LOUNGE series. This exclusive boxed set will also only be available for a LIMITED TIME. The price will be 99 cents for RELEASE WEEK ONLY. After that the price goes back up to $5.99. Get it while its HOT…and trust us, its very hot.

The Indigo Lounge. Step aboard and check your inhibitions at the door.


ILS Box Set








Welcome to The Indigo lounge, the scandalously sexy sky-high playground where anything can happen…

Flirty, dirty and utterly delicious, HIGH is the perfect next read for lovers of the internationally renowned EL James’ Fifty Shades and Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series.

Zachary Savage is a man accustomed to getting whatever and whoever he wants. He’s buried his demons and risen from the ashes to become the playboy owner of the internationally renowned Indigo Lounge, a fleet of ultra-exclusive sky-high pleasure palaces.

He has everything he wants, until he sets eyes on Bethany Green. One look is all it takes ~ she has to be his.

Bethany Green has endured the worst year of her life; bad luck and heartbreak at every turn. Karma swings wildly in her favour when a money-can’t-buy golden ticket lands in her lap – an invitation to experience the scandalously sexy Indigo Lounge for herself.

Green by name and green by nature, is she brave enough to accept the hottest ticket in town?

One glimpse of Zachary Savage is enough to convince her that she isn’t cosmopolitan enough to play in his glamorous, sinfully sexy world. But they’re already in the air, and reality is a long way behind them. The only way is up.

The Indigo Lounge. Step aboard and check your inhibitions at the door.

HIGHER is the sizzling conclusion to Zach & Bethany’s love story which began in book one, HIGH.

When Bethany finds herself back on board the Indigo Lounge, this time for work purposes, she knows her life is about to once again slide into free fall.

Zachary Savage has branded himself onto her senses, and despite her attempts to protect her heart she’s pulled right back into his sizzlingly intense orbit of sex, more sex and dark secrets.

But even out of this world sex won’t save Beth’s heart when Zach is finally ready to reveal the truth…

HIGHER. The only way is up, and this time they’re going all the way.

HIGHER is the perfect read for lovers of the internationally renowned EL James’ Fifty Shades & Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series.



Sinfully sexy venture capitalist, Noah King – a man with a haunted past and dark cravings – is a short fuse away from being consumed by his needs. When his desires propel him to the Indigo Lounge, there’s only one course of action – unleash his innermost hunger or lose his mind.

Leia Michaels has spent the last five years trying to find her way out of a shattered labyrinth of pain and tragedy. In a daring move, she takes a chance on a sizzling adventure aboard the Indigo Lounge.

Within seconds of meeting on the luxury, decadent adults-only jet, they realize they’re better off apart…but their chemistry defies logic and their needs have gone far too long unanswered.

Seven Nights. Seven Highs. He will strip away her inhibitions and show her that edgy existence between pleasure and pain. Will she survive his dark secrets and risk revealing her own, or will her world spiral out of control?

Seven Nights, Seven Highs…the story continues!

Noah King thought he’d left his past behind in New York. He should have known better. The past isn’t not done with him yet.

Leia Michaels thought she was finally free. Free of the shadows of her past. Free to contemplate a future with Noah. She should have known better. The past isn’t done with her either.

Perfect for lovers of Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, SOAR is the conclusion to the scorching duet in the bestselling Indigo Lounge series. Step back aboard and check your inhibitions at the door.
On Sale in Digital: September 21, 2015

Amazon       B&N         Kobo

 Add the boxed set of the Indigo Lounge series to your TBR pile on Goodreads!

Check out all the books in the INDIGO LOUNGE series!

high  HIGH (The Indigo Lounge Series Book 1)

higher HIGHER (The Indigo Lounge Series Book 2)

spiral  SPIRAL (The Indigo Lounge Series Book 3)

soar  SOAR (The Indigo Lounge Series Book 4)

freefall  FREEFALL (The Indigo Lounge Series Book 5)




Grand Prize: $25 Amazon or B&N gift card

Rafflecopter giveaway


Author Bio:  Zara Cox has been writing for almost twenty-five years but it wasn’t until seven years ago that she decided to share her love of writing sexy, gritty stories with anyone but her close family (the over 18s anyway!). The Indigo Lounge Series is Zara’s next step in her erotic romance writing journey and she’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading her stories!

Connect with Zara:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Street Team | Amazon

Excerpt #

“The tabloids make up stories that can sometimes be hurtful. I’ve grown immune to it to some extent, but you need to be prepared.”

“What exactly do I need to be prepared for?”

“They may try and dig into your background, find out who you are, and use that to define your position in my life.”

“So if they find out I’m just an ordinary girl who grew up in upstate New York, they might conclude I’m some sort of gold digger trying to sink my claws into you?”

“It may not be that bad. It may be that they conclude that I’m taken by a completely extraordinary girl whose body makes my head spin and my cock harder than ever.”

Heat engulfed her, but the anxiety rushing through her stomach didn’t go away. “But most likely it’ll be the former.”

He gave a single serious nod, his eyes narrowing on her face. “Can you handle that?”

She licked her lips and tried to shrug it away. “Maybe I won’t need to. I only agreed to go to Marrakech with you. If we end things after that—”

“We won’t,” he inserted calmly as he topped up her wine.

Her heart did that stupid bouncy thing in her chest that left her breathless. “What makes you so sure?”

“Peaches, you’re wasting time pursuing the wrong line of argument. We won’t be over after Marrakech. Not by a long shot. That I can promise you. I can also guarantee you privacy there. It’s what happens when we get back to the States that you need to worry about.”

She played with the last mouthful of pasta on her plate. “But you live in San Francisco. I live in New York. How’s that going to work?”

“I can work from anywhere in the world. Plus, I have a very large private plane, several cars and an adequately working cell phone. We’ll work it out.”

Her worry didn’t abate. Slowly, she set her fork down. “Zach…This is going too fast. I don’t know if I…”

He got up and came round to where she sat. Sinking down onto his heels he grabbed her hips and swiveled her chair to face him.

“Do me a favor. Close your eyes and imagine your life a week from now. Then imagine it a month from now,” he instructed softly, but with enough steel to let her know he was serious. Her heart did another of those stupid somersaults. “Do you want me in it?”

She found herself nodding before he’d even finished speaking. “Yes, I do.”

He kissed her mouth, then kept the pressure until she opened for him. The tip of his tongue touched hers, flicked in erotic exploration before licking its way deeper. At her needy moan, he pulled back.

“Then that’s all that matters.” One hand drifted over her hip to brush against her crotch. It was the lightest of touches, but it still sent her pulse sky high. “This is all that matters.”

“Great sex is all that matters?” A sliver of hurt cut through her.

“Great sex is an outstanding start. That was the reason you joined The Indigo Lounge trip, wasn’t it?”

“I… not really. I wanted to see what the experience was all about.”

“So you weren’t looking to connect with anyone?” He grated the words as if they soured his mouth.

“I don’t know. Maybe…”

“Whatever the circumstances, we found each other. The only difference here is you’re having the experience with me instead of some other guy whose face I’m trying very hard not to imagine. And it won’t end once my plane lands back in Newark.”


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99 cent Sale! Pure Punishment by T.L. Smith (8/1 – 8/7)


´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Pure Punishment SALE .99c (One Week Only)

“I won’t fuck you. You don’t hold a candle to her. You taste sour, where she taste like my fucking salvation”

Amazon US – Pure Punishment

UK – http://amzn.to/1DgJ0L3

Aus – http://bit.ly/1xP9f6P

Itunes – http://bit.ly/1uaUN5m

B&N – http://bit.ly/1BHs1O4

**Warning: Intended for a mature audience 18+ years old

One, Two.
Who to kill?
Three, four.
You better open your door.
Five, six.
Cut or nick?
Seven, eight.
Don’t party too late.
Nine, ten.
Watch your gate.
My name is Kayla. Would you like to play a game with me? I promise to only make you bleed and possibly scream.
Are you ready for some fun?

Please note, this book is a standalone.

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Pre-Order: My Serenity by M Clarke

my serenity pre-order blitz

pre-order blitz

GGKEY-N47PDBJE5DH_frontcoverBook Title: My Serenity (My Clarity, #2)
Author: M. Clarke
Genre: New Adult/Coming of Age
Release Date: July 16, 2015
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Goodreads Button with Shadow

Book Blurb

When tragedy strikes, Seth Stewart is forced to return home after the death of his beloved father. The unexpected detour forces him to oversee the family’s auto shop and restaurant business, and Seth must kiss the prestigious internship goodbye after his first year at Berkeley Business School. When he collides with his first crush after his arrival, Seth wonders what possibly could have happened to Josefina Anders.

Josefina has hidden many secrets she is too ashamed to share with anyone, especially Seth. When they cross paths again, the urge to relive their past lingers in her mind even though she knows he couldn’t accept her sketchy past. Things get even more complicated when her mother returns, as well as her overly possessive ex, who decides to crash into her fragile existence all over again.

Will Seth’s connection for Josefina be strong enough to see past her secrets, or will he realize he can’t rekindle an old flame?

Meet the Author

International Bestselling Author Mary Ting/M. Clarke resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.

Social Media

websitenewsletter signuptwitterFacebooktumblrTSUyou tubestumble uponpinterestinstagramGoogleGoodreads

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 My Serenity: (Stand-Alone, Bk 2 of My Clarity)

My Clarity: (Stand-Alone Book 1, Bk 2 coming July 16, 2015)

amazon UKB&NkoboiBooksgoogle play


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Release Day: Iron Butterfly by Lisa Wainland (99 cents)

Iron Butterfly Release Day


Iron Butterfly cover

Book Title: Iron Butterfly
Author: Lisa Wainland
Genre: Contemporary Woman’s Fiction
Release Date: May 12, 2015
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Book Blurb

In an instant, Cassie must put aside all her day-to-day worries: her looks, a job she likes (well deals with), what to wear. At twenty-nine, she receives sudden, life-changing news. She realizes that her everyday life with her fiancé, Jake, was pretty amazing. Who cares about a sarcastic boss or a promotion when losing everything has become a terrifying reality?

Cassie’s shocking news infiltrates the lives of everyone she loves, particularly Jake and her estranged sister, Sandy. Jake wants to be strong for Cassie, but this unexpected turn brings back painful memories—and a terrible secret he’s shared with no one. Sandy, who ran away to pursue stardom, is called home to face those she left behind. The golden child of the family, Sandy fell from her pedestal long ago. Will she be able to face her own failures?

As Cassie struggles against an uncertain future, Jake and Sandy battle with the demons of the past. All three will learn valuable lessons about love, forgiveness and appreciating the days we’re given.


“Mrs. Cassie Morrow,” I said with a flourish, excited at my new title-to-be. “That has a nice ring to it.”

“That’s why I asked you to marry me, you know, just because Cassie Morrow sounded so nice. Think of where we’d be if your name was Kim or Monique…or Morticia.”

“I think we’d have a lot more problems if my name was Morticia.”

“Or if your name was To,” he continued. “What in the world would we do if your name was To?” he said playfully.

“To Morrow. Tomorrow. Very funny,” I said, laughing. “I don’t know if I like where this conversation is going. It started out nice, but somehow I think the sentiment is diminishing.”

“Diminishing? Never. Would you care to join me on the couch?” He extended his hand and bent down on one knee.

“I would love to.”

We curled together on our oversized tan sofa. Our bodies fit like matching jigsaw puzzle pieces, the most natural connection. The gentle rise and fall of his breathing and the beating of his heart lulled me into contentment. He wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled me closer…

“I love you, Jake. I love you forever.”

He bent down and kissed my lips. “I love you, too, Cassie. I love you, too.”

That is how I think of Jake. I think of him as my perfect complement. The person with whom silence is most comfortable; the person who completes me in every way.

We dreamed of a future. I breathed in deeply, trying to stop the tears that had already started to fall. In an instant, I could imagine our wedding. Smiling at each other at the altar. Being pronounced man and wife. Hearing echoes of applause and congratulations ring in my ears. Then, there we were in the hospital, but for something good: the birth of our baby. I held our child in my arms as Jake sat beside me, beaming. I saw us in our front yard, playing catch with our two kids, laughing. The tears fell rapidly down my cheeks. We were gathered around the kitchen table, feasting on a big breakfast of pancakes. I inhaled deeply again. Jake and I were older, at his dream house—the house by the brook—sitting on the porch, holding hands. I trembled with despair and anger.

It was supposed to turn out like that.

It was supposed to work out.

How did I end up here?


“Iron Butterfly by Lisa Wainland is a story that feels so realistic you can imagine these characters could be anyone you know. Wainland’s perceptive descriptions lend a richness to the lives of each character…She breathes life into them in such a way that I felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book.” —Brenda Casto, Readers’ Favorite

“…compelling…Wainland provides an inspirational story…”—Kirkus Reviews

Book Trailer

Meet the Author

Lisa Wainland

Lisa Wainland has been a radio professional for more than two decades. She’s a successful voiceover artist who works with some of the biggest names in radio and television. Her debut chick-lit novel, Rock Radio, is an Amazon Bestseller and a Readers’ Favorite Award Winner.

Social Media


Buy the Book

butterfly duo


Iron Butterfly

Rock Radio

amazon UKamazon canadaB&N


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New Release! Sliding Into Second (Kingston Heat #2) by Ella Jade (99 Cents!) W/Review


If you’re into hot, dirty-talkin’, sexy baseball heroes I may have just the thing to quench that thirst…
Have you met my players? 
Available now for a limited release price of .99 cents...
Sliding Into Second
Jilted once before, now it’s her turn to level the playing field.
Hotshot sports reporter Sage Millan has been busy making a name for herself in the male dominated world of baseball. She’s just landed her dream job, and her first assignment is covering the newly crowned World Series champions, The Kingston Crushers. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. The only problem…her ex-boyfriend, and the only man she’s ever loved, is the team’s second baseman. Things ended badly between them, and she’s not sure she can put those demons to rest.
Professional baseball player Nicolas Cordova is having the time of his life. His team has just won the World Series, and with the victory comes more fame, women, and exposure than he ever could have imagined. But things are about to change for the sexy, charismatic athlete. He never expected his ex-girlfriend to walk back into his life, much less the locker room.
These days Sage is smarter, more mature, and doesn’t plan on being played a second time. Her appearance stirs old memories for Nic. She’s the one he let get away in the name of his career. He vows he can be the man she needs this time around. Will that be enough to mend her broken heart?
Content Warning: contains explicit sex and adult content
“I’ll admit I’ve had many women in the past, and I can’t apologize for living. But as the years went by, my feelings for you were always someplace deep in my heart. I know that’s why I can’t settle down. Why I can’t find the peace I’ve been searching for. It doesn’t exist without you.”“How can you say things like that? You don’t even know the woman I’ve become. I’m not that girl who relied on you, the one who would’ve followed you anywhere. I’m not her anymore, Nic. I can’t ever be her again.”“Maybe I’m not asking for her.” He leaned closer to her face. “Maybe I want to know the woman you are today. I want another shot at this.”“No,” she whispered.“If you remember anything about me, I have a hard time with that word.” He tipped her chin, focusing on her lips. “I am going to kiss you. Right here and right now.”Her knees buckled as a cool tremor swept through her. She wanted to say no. It was the only logical word to mutter, but her heart didn’t want her to say it. Her body wasn’t on board with turning him down either. The warmth that built in her stomach had moved lower, and now all she could think about was his lips on hers.

“It doesn’t sound like you’re asking,” she breathed out.

“I’m not.”

Before she could say anything else, his mouth was on hers, eager, but slow and soft. His stubble grazed along her chin as he tilted his head and deepened their bond. The sound throughout the crowded lobby seemed to fade into the background, and soon, all she could hear was her heart pumping loud between her ears. Why did he have to be such a freakin’ good kisser?

After the incredibly long connection, he pulled away, but not before stopping to kiss the bottom corner of her mouth like he used to.

“I’ve waited a long time to do that,” he said. “It was worth every lonely minute.”

“I… Nic…” She’d always had the gift of words. It was what she did for a living, but in that moment, all of her thoughts were jumbled and senseless.

“It’s okay.” He grinned as he stroked her cheek. “Let’s get something to eat and maybe figure this out. Whatever this is.”

“No.” She ran her hands along his strong chest, resting them on his shoulders.

“Don’t over analyze this, baby.” He glanced down at her hands on his body. “Let’s just go with it.”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you.” She took a breath and continued before she lost her nerve. “Take me upstairs to your room. I know how we can figure this out.”

“What are you asking?” He placed his hand on the small of her back, drawing her closer to him. “You need to be real clear.”

“I want to go upstairs with you.”

“That’s not why I kissed you.”

“Isn’t it?” She smirked. “We’re adults now, Nicky. Let’s settle this like adults.”

“I’m not looking to settle anything. That usually means it’s over, and we’re nowhere near over.” He motioned for Joe. “I’ll take care of the bar tab and then we’ll get dinner.”

“No.” She draped her arms around his neck, intoxicated by the idea of being so close to him again. He may be older now, and may have lost those boyish looks, but the man he had become suited him and drove her wild with need.

“What did I tell you about that word?”

“I can guarantee I won’t be using it once we’re in your bedroom.” She ran her tongue along her top lip. “I’m going to the ladies room. When I come out, if you’re not by the elevators waiting for me, I’ll know that kiss was nothing more than the heat of the moment and we can go on with our lives.”


“Shh.” She pressed her lips to his. “Now who’s over analyzing?” She reached for her purse and coat hanging on the back of the stool. “I’ll see you in a few minutes.” I hope.

This is book 2 in the Kingston Heat Series but both books stand alone and can be read in either order.
Will Sage get a second chance at love with the second baseman?  Sage is now a sports reporter interviewing with Nic’s baseball team who just won championship.  They were teenage lovers but he left her in college to go for the majors in baseball.  Sage never got over it but now Nic wants another chance with the woman he never forgot.  Will Sage forgive him?  5 Stars for hotness, hot baseball players and hot sex!
Book One… Stealing His Heart available now.
WARNING… Pax will steal your heart
Will the bad-boy pitcher strike out when it comes to love?
Shy music teacher Sophia Ballis has sworn off men. After a bad experience with a college jock she decided it was better to be alone than to get burned again. She focused on her education and now her new job at a local private school.
Professional baseball pitcher Paxton Hughes is a player both on and off the field. He’s signed to the Kingston Crushers to bring home the coveted championship title. Nothing can get in his way. Serious relationships don’t mix with a life on the road and he never loses focus on the game. One-night stands are his specialty for a reason.
While out jogging one spring morning, the two collide, setting their course in motion. Pax is immediately drawn to the unassuming beauty. Sophia is aware of his reputation and decides one night of meaningless sex with the attractive Texas charmer is just what she needs to get over her self-imposed dry spell. Pax has more than a one-night stand on his mind, but will his bad-boy persona and demanding schedule ruin any chances of a happily ever after?
Content Warning: contains explicit sex and adult content

“Ella Jade always comes through with sexy little romps that are always entertaining” Manic Readers 

“I read it in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. It has everything I LOVE in a sexy steamy hot book.” My Daily Romance 

“Very fun read.” Musings From An Addicted Reader 

“This is a story that you won’t regret getting into.” Adri at Sassy Moms Say Read Romance 

Ella Jade has been writing for as long as she can remember. As a child, she often had a notebook and pen with her, and now as an adult, the laptop is never far. The plots and dialogue have always played out in her head, but she never knew what to do with them. That all changed when she discovered the eBook industry. She started penning novels at a rapid pace and now she can’t be stopped.
Ella resides in New Jersey with her husband and two boys. When she’s not chasing after her kids, she’s busy creating sexy, domineering men and the strong women who know how to challenge them in and out of the bedroom.  She hopes you’ll get lost in her words.
She loves connecting with readers. You can find her here…


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99 Cents SALE: Captivated By His Kiss A Box Set of 7 Regency Romance

Captivated by his kiss sales blitz


Book Title: Captivated by his Kiss
Author: Various
Genre: Historical Romance (boxed set of seven novellas)
Release Date: January 2015
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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Cheryl Bolen and USA Today Bestselling Author Bronwen Evans are joined by Barbara Monajem, Collette Cameron, Wendy Vella, Heather Boyd, and Lauren Smith in this exciting collection of regency romances. Be CAPTIVATED BY HIS KISS in these seven emotional stories of second chances, scandalous wagers, and the quest for true love. Lose yourself again and again in beautifully written romance.


  • Cheryl Bolen ~ His Lordship’s Vow
  • Bronwen Evans ~ To Wager the Marquis of Wolverstone
  • Barbara Monajem ~ The Christmas Knot
  • Collette Cameron ~ Bride of Falcon
  • Wendy Vella ~ Christmas Wishes
  • Heather Boyd ~ Miss Watson’s First Scandal
  • Lauren Smith ~ The Duelist’s Seduction


HIS LORDSHIP’S VOW by Cheryl Bolen

Bereft of beauty as well as fortune, the exceedingly plain Miss Jane Featherstone has failed to attract any suitor during her three Seasons. Rather than be a burden to her brother and his obnoxious wife, Miss Featherstone vows to accept the first man who asks—even though she’s always worshipped a lord who’s far above her touch. . .

Lord Slade must marry an heiress in order to honor the deathbed vow he made to his father, and he needs Miss Featherstone’s help in wooing her beautiful cousin. After her initial anger, Miss Featherstone agrees to his scheme, telling him she’s doing so because she admires his Parliamentary record of humanitarian legislation and his reverence for truth. But the more he’s with the two cousins, the more attracted he becomes to Miss Featherstone. What’s a man of his word to do? Break a vow to a beloved father—or follow his heart with Miss Featherstone?

ABOUT CHERYL BOLEN – Since her first book was published to acclaim by Harlequin Historical in 1998, Cheryl Bolen has written more than 20 books, mostly historical romances. Several of her books have won Best Historical awards, and she’s been a New York Times and USA Today bestseller.

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Marcus Danvers, the Marquis of Wolverstone, is renowned for his cynical demeanor. It’s rumored that long ago, a beautiful woman broke his heart. Now he lives life for pleasure. That is, until the beautiful, as she is deceitful, Contessa Orsini re-enters his life with a wager he cannot resist.

ABOUT BRONWEN EVANS – USA Today Bestselling Author Bronwen Evans grew up loving books. She writes both historical and contemporary sexy romances for the modern woman who likes intelligent, spirited heroines, and compassionate alpha heroes.

Her debut Regency romance, Invitation to Ruin won the RomCon Readers’ Crown Best Historical 2012, and was an RT Reviewers’ Choice Nominee Best First Historical 2011. Her first self-published novella, To Dare the Duke of Dangerfield, was a FINALIST in the Kindle Book Review Indie Romance Book of the Year 201,2 and a finalist in the RomCon Readers’ Crown Best Historical 2013. Her first contemporary released December 2012, The Reluctant Wife, won the RomCon Readers’ Crown Best Category 2013.

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THE CHRISTMAS KNOT by Barbara Monajem

Widowed and destitute, Edwina White takes a position as governess in a remote village in the north of England—in a haunted house. She’s so desperate that she’ll take anything, and besides, she doesn’t believe in ghosts. Little does she know that her new employer is the seducer who lied and deceived her many years ago.

Sir Richard Ballister inherited an estate with a ghost and a curse, and every governess he hires leaves within a week. Finally, a woman desperate enough to stay arrives on his doorstep—but she’s the seductress who dropped him many years earlier for a richer man.

The last thing Richard and Edwina want is to work together, but they have no choice. Can they overcome the bitterness of the past in time to unravel a centuries-old knot and end the Christmas curse?

ABOUT BARBARA MONAJEM – Barbara Monajem wrote her first story at eight years old about apple tree gnomes. After dabbling in neighborhood musicals and teen melodrama, she published a middle-grade fantasy when her children were young. Now her kids are adults, and she’s writing for grownups. Her Bayou Gavotte series of paranormal mystery and romance takes place near New Orleans and features hereditary vampires, a Native American telepathic rock star, and other characters with paranormal abilities. She also writes sexy Regency romances with bold, passionate heroes, spirited, adventurous heroines, and the occasional touch of magic. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia, with an ever-shifting population of relatives, friends, and feline strays.

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BRIDE OF FALCON by Collette Cameron

After five Seasons, Ivonne Wimpleton has accepted she’s a haute ton undesirable. Always a bit ungraceful, her suitors are men desperate to get their hands on her marriage settlement. Guarded and aloof, she’s resigned herself to spinsterhood. She doesn’t mind her fate, since Chancy Faulkenhurst, the man who once held her heart, left for India years ago without an explanation.

When Ivonne’s father, Viscount Wimpleton, refuses Chaz’s request for her hand in marriage, he transfers to the East India Troops. Chaz’s dreams of making Ivonne his wife are soundly dashed. Ignoring her letters, he closes the door on his heart and Ivonne and remains in India.

Six years later, severely injured during a battle, Chaz returns to England physically and emotionally scarred. His love for Ivonne remains just as strong. When he learns due to a whim of Prinny’s she must choose one of the despots whose offered for her hand, Chaz is determined that none should have her but him. Except, not only is she infuriated he made no effort to contact her, in Chaz’s absence, his father arranged a marriage for him and fully expects Chaz to honor the agreement.

ABOUT COLLETTE CAMERON – Award winning, Amazon best-selling author, Collette Cameron, has a BS in Liberal Studies and a Master’s in Teaching. Author of the Castle Brides Series and Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series, Collette writes Regency and Scottish historicals and makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and five mini dachshunds. Mother to three and a self-proclaimed Cadbury Chocolate chocoholic, Collette loves a good joke, inspirational quotes, flowers, trivia, and all things shabby chic. You’ll always find dogs, birds, quirky—sometimes naughty—humor, and a dash of inspiration in her novels. Her motto for life? You can’t have too much chocolate, too many hugs, or too many flowers. She’s thinking about adding shoes to that list.

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Past experiences have taught Miss Hero Appleby to distrust noblemen, especially self-indulgent rakes like Lord Caruthers. However she was desperate for money to support the orphans in her care this Christmas, so it is to him she must go. Perhaps it had been wrong of her to point out his many faults so boldly, but the man had reeked of last nights over indulgences, and that coupled with his indolent lifestyle, drove her to distraction and all thoughts of lady-like behaviour disappeared in his infuriating presence.

Max didn’t remember much of his first meeting with the annoying Miss Appleby, thanks to the after effects of one good drink too many. But he vaguely recalled he’d promised her something, just to get her out of his house so he could suffer in peace. Unfortunately peaceful was the last word to describe her as he found out the next day. She was unlike any woman he knew – opinionated and rude certainly, but she worked selflessly to provide for children that were not even of her blood. Max had believed himself incapable of emotion yet Hero was making him feel things that he had believed were long dead. Could his long forgotten Christmas wish really come true?

ABOUT WENDY VELLA – Wendy Vella is a lover of all things romantic. Her novels are sensual with just a touch of wicked and set in the often intriguing backdrop Regency England. Writing is something she has always found time for; and penned her first novel at eighteen, though she is adamant it will never make an appearance further than the closet in which it currently resides.

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Overworked London banker David Hawke has two goals for his week in the seaside town of Brighton: one, recover an overdue debt from a good friend and neighbor and two, relax for the remaining holiday without any further distractions. When his friend’s impulsive younger sister barges into his home to beg his aid, he’s drawn deeper into her life and scrambling to keep their relationship on a professional level.

Abigail Watson may be considered too young to have the cares of the world on her shoulders but her brother is in financial trouble and she’s desperate to help him recover. Despite the impropriety, she appeals to the bachelor next door for an extension on the debt and his help to secure her brother a wealthy wife. However, matchmaking never runs smoothly and falling in love is something neither one counted on.

ABOUT HEATHER BOYD – Bestselling historical author Heather Boyd believes every character she creates deserves their own happily-ever-after, no matter how much trouble she puts them through. With that goal in mind, she writes sizzling regency romance stories that skirt the boundaries of propriety to keep readers enthralled until the wee hours of the morning. Heather has published over twenty novels and shorter works. She lives north of Sydney, Australia, and does her best to wrangle her testosterone-fuelled family (including cat Morpheus) into submission.

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Helen Banks is going to die. There is no other option: either fight a duel in her twin brother’s place or see him die. But Helen never counted on the man she was to duel with being the same man she admired from afar for so long, Gareth Fairfax, a wealthy lord and the man sworn to exact his payment from the Banks twins through any means.

When Gareth discovers his opponent is a woman and more importantly, the sister of the man he means to kill, he demands satisfaction of some kind. He gives her two choices. She can return to his estate and become his mistress, or he can send her home and settle the matter with her brother by finishing the duel. Helen, unable to ignore the secret longing she’s had for Gareth, decides to accept his proposal and go with him back to his estate, thankful that her desire for him also saves her brother’s life.

Helen accepts the devil’s bargain and agrees to stay with Gareth, at his beck and call, putting more than her innocence in danger as Gareth begins his slow seduction. With each passing hour, she sees the tortured heart of a man who’d once loved and lost. Helen fears she may lose her own heart to him, and believing she can never lay claim to his heart. But as they challenge the limits of their passion and the sensual delight they find in each other’s arms, they may find that love is within their reach.

ABOUT LAUREN SMITH – Lauren Smith is an attorney by day, author by night, who pens adventurous and edgy romance stories by the light of her smart phone flashlight app. She’s a native Oklahoman who lives with her three pets—a feisty chinchilla, sophisticated cat and dapper little schnauzer. She’s won multiple awards in several romance subgenres including being an Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist and a Semi-Finalist for the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award.


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AMAZON US:  Captivated By His Kiss: A Limited Edition Boxed Set of Seven Regency Romances

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Captivated by His Kiss 3-D cover on transparent copy

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Beginning With Forever by LAN LLP 99 cent sale!


with Forever (Forever
By Lan
99c Sale
12/26 –
Beginning with Forever 

“Carson, I’m freely
offering myself to you right now. Please,” I plead fearlessly. I’m shameless
and not above begging for him to take my body. Who is this sex-craved woman

“Sweetness, you’re
making it very difficult for me to resist you, to control myself.” He lowers
himself intimately close to graze his soft, moist lips on my forehead, bridge
of my nose and then intensely over my lips. The urgency of his need for me is
translated through his kisses. Biting down firmly on his lower lip, it appears
that he’s forcing the strength of his will to remain tame. Our eye contact is
broken when he seals his shut to blind the temptation lying underneath his
body. His hands grip the sheets desperately, clawing and then fisting. I think
this is his last hope of hanging onto his dignity. “Goodnight Lily, only offer
your body to me when you believe it in your heart,” he murmurs and rolls off of
me. Lying flat on his back, he attempts to steady his labored breathing. 

Love isn’t easy to
forget even if you’re determined to never feel it again. It has a way of
finding you when all hope is gone, resurfacing tender emotions you’ve buried
deep in your core because the pain of acknowledging them is too much for you to

Carson Bradley, CEO
of a powerful pharmaceutical corporation is rich beyond boundaries with a
missing soul. His heart faded away fifteen years ago with the death of his
first love. He strives every day for the sake of his cancer research because
he’s determined to eradicate cancer forever. 

Lillian Ly is a
humble, young medical student whose kind and generous heart is as vast as the
universe. Being raised poor by a single parent; she matured quickly and
respected the sacrifices her mother made for her. Lillian’s determination leads
her down a stringent five-year path with no room for love. 

When their paths
cross at an unlikely place thousands of miles away from home, they both realize
that fate has brought them together, and Carson will never let anything or
anyone tear them apart. He knows how desolate life is without love and refuses
to return to that dark place ever again. 

Lillian enters
Carson’s world with the purest intention of loving him with all her heart, but
discovers that his volatile world will alter her uncomplicated life
indefinitely. Regardless of what obstacles are thrown in their path, Lillian
and Carson will endure them all to hold onto their forever from the beginning
to the end. 





Over a year ago, I decided to
pick up a pen and jotted down the first sentence of my vivid imagination. Those
initial words were the seeds that grew into my romance book, “Beginning with
Forever.” With all my heart, I wrote, rewrote, edited, re-edited and now, I’m
finally ready to share it with all of you. My one and only aspiration for this
book is to have readers embrace my story and characters with their heart. If I
can make someone laugh till their gut hurts, hate the villain with vengeance,
cry till their eyes dry out, fall in love all over again, and drool over the
hero or feel any other emotions, than I’ve succeeded my goal.

I’m the sappiest
person in the world when it comes to romance. I believe in love at first sight,
Prince Charming or in my book, Mr. Hot Billionaire, and happy endings. In my
heart, every women deserves all three, and they will when they lose themselves
in my books. Your fantasy can become a reality with just the flip of a page, so
come join me.

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The Austin Series by C.J. Fallowfield on sale for 99 cents 12-24/12-31

ER Box Set


Austin Series
Sale 99c Bargain
Dec 24th – Dec 31st
The Austin Series Complete Box
Set – (Prequel plus Books 1 to 6)
Available from
Amazon now at a saving of over 60% on buying the books individually.

A roller coaster of
emotions, passion, lust and drama, this is definitely not your typical new
adult series and contains adult themes ~ Strictly for the over 18’s only.

The box set
contains all six full length novels plus the prequel combined. Nearly 2,000
pages of sizzling erotica, swoon worthy romance, laugh out loud humour and

All seven books
have ranked highly on the Amazon Humorous Erotica Bestsellers Charts, a number
of them having taken the coveted number one spot on both the USA and UK charts.

** The Austin
Series **

Following the lives
of Mia Page and her best friend Lexi Clarke as they embark on a new life at
University in England, The Austin Series is about personal growth, sexual
awakening, the bonds of friendship, first love, and the development of trust in
a sexual and romantic relationship, with the view to the ultimate commitment
and a happy ever after.

When Mia and Lexi
made a pact to change their lives, Mia planned on losing her virginity by
embarking on a sex no strings affair. Having been abandoned by her father and
let down by her first boyfriend, she was terrified of being hurt again, so sex
was all she was prepared to offer. Her plan to remain completely detached, and
leave her emotions at the door, were completely shattered by the gorgeous and
very persistent Gabe Austin. As well as being her first sexual encounter, Gabe
soon starts to chip at the walls around her heart with a view to winning her
over completely. He wants to possess her, heart, body and soul. Their sexual and
romantic journey forms the basis of the entire series, but due to their
combined baggage, the ride is far from smooth. They are meant to be, but they
will have to fight to try and hold onto each other and find a way to survive
what life throws at them.

The books are
designed to be read in the following sequence:

** Destined (The
Austin Series Prequel) **

This novella gives
an insight into the mind of Gabe Austin. It charts his life up to the day he
meets Mia, and explains why he becomes the sexual, controlling, alpha male that
he is today.

** New Leaves, No
Strings (Book One) **

This explores Mia’s
pact to lose her virginity and remain completely emotionally detached while she
has fun, while Lexi attempts to tone down her coping mechanism of one night stands
in favour of trying to sustain a relationship. 

** Baggage &
Buttons (Book Two) **

As Mia and Gabe get
to know each other, flaws are revealed and work on their insecurities and
issues commences. This charts their willingness to try and change, to let go
and fall in love.

** Forever & an
Engine (Book Three) **

Romance blossoms as
Mia, Lexi and Gabe learn what it is to love and to be loved. They begin to
realise that part of being in a relationship means that sometimes you have to
have to put others needs before your own.

** The Honeymoon
Period (Book Four) **

Love is tested
during the period where relationships often fall apart. It’s about their
strength and determination to succeed, regardless of the obstacles placed in
their paths.

** Love & Loss (Book
Five) **

Some relationships
strengthen, while others fall at the wayside. Mia, Lexi and Gabe begin to
realise what’s important in life and start to let go of what is not. 

** Infinite Love
(Book Six) **

In the concluding
chapter of these characters lives, Mia and Gabe’s relationship is put to the
ultimate test. Will it strengthen their relationship or tear them apart? Will
everyone finally have their happy ever afters?

Box Set  99c Bargain
             AMAZON US                
about The Austin Series
“A far better read than 50SOG”  – Tracy, Goodreads reviewer – 5*
If you
love sexy, dominant, controlling, sensual alpha males that adore the women they
love and would do anything for them you will also fall in love with Gabe
Austin.” – Toni, Goodreads reviewer – 5*
“You will
laugh and cry on the emotional journey you go on with these characters, loving
every second of it. Highly entertaining it will keep you gripped for hours. All
I can say is climb on-board, fasten your seatbelts and welcome to the ride of
your life with Gabe & Mia.” – Chip, Goodreads reviewer – 5*
I cannot
say enough about this series!!! I fell in love with it from the first page and
could not get enough of Mia and Gabe. This series is HOT, STEAMY, and SEXY!!” –
Michelle, Goodreads reviewer – 5*
Fallowfield weaves this beautiful love story with angst, suspense, mystery,
humour, hot steamy sex scenes and lots of love. I found myself on the edge of
my seat several times. I lived an emotional roller coaster through all six
books often finding myself crying so hard I couldn’t see the words on the page
and then laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom.” – Holly, Goodreads
reviewer – 5*
steamy, grab you by the seat of your pants and not let go story!!! The Austin
Series is a MUST READ!!! Simply not enough adjectives to describe how much I
LOVE this series. Jump on the roller coaster ride and feel every emotion
possible.” – Pollie, Goodreads reviewer – 5*
series has made me cry tears of happiness, sadness, gut wrenching sobs as I
felt the characters pain in parts, it’s made me giggle, laugh out loud and put
down my kindle as I was laughing too much to continue. I’ve also yelled in
frustration at some of the very real human mistakes they made along the way.
There was also suspense, plot twists and some serious tension. This is one
series I am going to love returning to over and over and I can’t wait to read
more by CJ.” – Harriet, Goodreads reviewer – 5*
It was brilliant. Funny, scorching hot, tear jerking and gut
wrenching. I absolutely loved it.” – Polly, Goodreads reviewer – 5*




Virgin for the Night

Ménage for the Night




write contemporary erotic romance novels, with humour, which are full of
emotion and plenty of drama. I am a 44 year old female from the United Kingdom
and live in the wonderful countryside of Wales, surrounded by rolling hills,
trees and fields full of sheep and cows. Writing aids include chocolate, Ben
& Jerry’s and copious amounts of coffee, wine or cider.



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99 Cent Sale: Fighting to Stay by Kasey Millstead (Giveaway)



Title: Fighting to Stay
Author: Kasey Millstead
Release Date: December 15, 2013
“Never stay, Lacey. Promise me. Promise right now, that whenever things go bad in life, you will run. Never, ever stay.”Lacey Monroe was used to running. When things got bad, when things got dangerous, when there was a chance that she would get hurt – physically or emotionally – she did what her momma said. She ran. She kept running, until she landed in Salt Rock, Alabama. She meets Roam Cooper, the Vice President of the Mayhem Motorcycle Club and for the first time in her life, Lacey considers staying…and then, right before her eyes, her world falls apart. And she runs again.“No more runnin’, Lacey. ‘Bout time you started fighting to stay.” – Roam.

**This is a stand-alone, full length novel with a happy ever after**

Links to Buy


Amazon US

Author Bio
Kasey Millstead lives a quiet life in country New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and their four young children. She enjoys baking, singing (ridiculously out of tune) & spending time with friends and family. Kasey has always harboured a deep love for reading and writing, and she is now lucky enough to be living her dream of being an Author.
Author Links


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